About us

Investoguru.com is a crowd-sourced equity research platform which is By Investors. For Investors.

It is our core belief that the investment advice should not be restricted to what professional investment advisors and sell-side analysts have to say but individual investors have equally unique insights into why they make a certain investment decision. By providing a platform for all investors who would love to hear what other smart investors are saying about a certain investment choice, the Investoguru provides a unique value to the investment community.

We see ourselves becoming a key part of the process which investors follow before they make an investment. From Individual investors, to Institutional investors, to traders, we seek to provide such value from our platform which makes Investoguru an integral part of their daily investment decision process.

Other than our reading audience, Investoguru is also a great platform of opportunity for our investment ideas contributing community. Our contributors are provided with an exceptional opportunity to engage with the fellow investors and write and test their equity hypothesis. Along with the invaluable feedback they can receive on their ideas, they also get a chance to develop an audience and build their own brand. Our platform offers them a one stop shop to reach out to millions of investors with their investment articles. Writing on our platform also forces you to carefully think through your thesis before publishing it in front of millions of users.

We also take an immense pride in wealth of discussions which happen in the comments section of our articles. The engagement of our fellow investors on the investment ideas and the sharing of their thoughts produces a unique ecosystem which we take pride in. A lot of our users have developed unique relationships with like-minded investors and networked with them for opportunities to work together.

We strive to build an investment ecosystem which benefits all investors, and would love to hear from you any ideas you may have to make our dream come true.

Happy Investing!

The Investoguru Team